Pixelation Games

A top down, party based RPG for the modern era. Experience a rich and stylised fantasy world come to life. Real time gameplay with a tactical pause for issuing commands. Experience an intricate, dialogue driven story like the age old classics from the golden age of gaming.

A story spanning across six major timelines and countless minor Rifts. Discover a world much like our own, as you uncover the lore of an altered history more and more divergent across time. Is there a source? A common point where something changed, or simply a picture of ‘a world that could have been,’ if myths and legends were true?

Experience character progression in a whole new way, with an equipment based skill system. Your stats determine what you can use, and what you use determines what you can do. No more "levels" deciding if you can use that sword or not. You're either strong enough, or you find something else to use.'

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